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Hello, I'm Lauren!

Growing up I was always a storyteller but found it easier to express myself through visuals rather than words. This became clear to me on a trip to Ireland at the age of 18. During this vacation I was drawn to capturing the beauty of the country, its people and the story of my encounters through photographs. The birth of my passion for photography began!

My start as a professional photographer began in 2015 when I was hired by the podcast Radio Rubber Room to photograph concerts and music festivals. I became immersed in the atmosphere of being at a live show and felt the need to capture the energy it produces from both the artists and the crowd. This is where I learned the importance of feeding off the environment and subjects around me to document the essence of the moment. From there, I began to branch out into different avenues of photography including Wedding & Engagement, Fashion, Event, and Family Portraits. 

It is said, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and I could not agree more. This phrase sums up my ultimate goal as a photographer. I believe every photo tells a story and, working alongside the client, it is my job to capture the moment!

Contact me anytime! Let's grab a coffee!

*I am Richmond, VA based, but willing to travel.

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